counselling for men in ManchesterCounselling is a short term, focussed approach to therapy.
Many Manchester men enter counselling not sure what they want to focus on. If this is you, don’t worry. I will help you to focus on one or two key areas, those things that, if changed, would make the biggest difference to your life. For some men just sorting this out can be a great relief.
Making achievable and measurable impact on your difficulties is then my main priority. How we do this will vary depending on the kinds of concerns or difficulties you are having, and the kind of person you are.
We are all different, and I respect that. I will tailor my help to your unique situation. My counselling approach is broadly ‘person centred’ in that I will not try to impose solutions on you. Rather it is my aim to help you to discover your own solutions. Tailor fit to your own unique circumstances.

In working with counselling clients in Manchester I draw on a range of skills and years of therapeutic experience to ensure you reach your goals quickly and effectively.

Counselling is an effective way to help particularly for men who need an objective and safe place to explore their issues outside of their family, friends or colleagues.

I have helped many men using a counselling including:

Counselling for career decisions in Manchester.
Counselling for ending a relationship in Manchester.
Counselling for difficulties finding a relationship in Manchester.
Counselling for coming to terms with being gay in Manchester.
Counselling for living with a chronic illness in Manchester.
Counselling for kicking a habit (e.g. smoking or alcohol).
Counselling for improving relationships in Manchester.
Counselling for occupational stress and burnout in manchester.
Counselling for work life balance in Manchester.
Counselling for bereavement in Manchester.
Counselling for retirement in Manchester.
Counselling for coping with difficult people in Manchester.
… and many others.

If you have a diagnosed or diagnosable mental health issue, such as an anxiety dissorder or depression, then counselling can help, but cognitive behavioural therapy should also be considerred.

If your problems stem from childhood, or have been chronic and enduring for many years, or if you have a large number of difficulties to overcome, then psychotherapy might be a better option.

If you are successful, happy, but are keen to get more from life, then life coaching is for you.

If your problems are within your relationship, such as a sexual problem, or a recurring pattern to a distressing argument, then relationship counselling with your partner is the to be recommended.

At our initial informal assessment session we can decide what is likely to be the best way forward for you.

I keep myself continually updated on developments in the field of counselling and undergo regular ongoing training and supervision. I am an Accredited member of the British Associon for Counselling and Psychotherapy. This means my training, experience and practice meets all the requirement of the BACP to be judged fit to practice as a counsellor in the UK.


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